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Skin Nourishing Supplement from Apothékary
Yes, we love the packaging and clever item name ... but this is also a great product. The ingredients are all natural and formulated to nourish your skin. Start adding it to your smoothies!
Blue Velvet - Black Tea from Calabash
Delicious black tea with a smooth vanilla undertones and aroma. Also has hints of blue tea (yes, blue tea is a thing!) with flower petals, coconut, cinnamon, spices and more.
Food + Drink
Lavender Hand Sanitizer from Defy
Moisturizing hand sanitizer with a light lavender smell. We also love the convenience of a spray bottle.
Dog Pot Holder from Naked Decor
To say we are obsessed with dogs would be an understatement... how could we resist this adorable pot holder?! Perfect for taking out your freshly-baked banana bread loaf out of the oven without burning yourself. Also a great gift idea for dog lovers!
Home Goods
Immune Boost Tonic from Calabash
Great way to boost your immune system against colds, flues and allergies - without a nasty pill and in a natural way!
Matcha Latte Snack from Revol Snax
These small bites have a vanilla macadamia-hazelnut butter filling inside of a heavenly coconut/matcha mix. You can say "yum" and not feel guilty about this snack (keto-friendly too)!
Food + Drink
Chesapeake Bay Yuca Chips from Snacklins
We cannot get enough of these chips. They remind us of pork-rinds - crunchy and full of flavor (a lot of Old Bay-esque seasoning) - but vegan and only 80 calories!
Food + Drink

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